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This is a demo game, you can play it for free. The game has been implemented as a group project, at a summer game course organized by Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The menu doesn't always work, in that case press the TAB key and press again. Save & Load function has caused game to broke, so it's best to not use them. There wont be any updates for this demo game.

Tyrant of Time: Wonder Teddy & Hostile Statues

You have born into a strange world. You need oxygen to stay alive, if you don't collect it fast enough, your lifespan will end. As you explore the world you will encounter hostile statues these will attack on you, when they see you. To destroy the statues, you need to find Wonder Teddy, whose abilities will help you to destroy the statues. After you have destroyed all the hostile statues, the door to the ancient temple will open, where you must go to find the answer to your existence.

Install instructions

Download Zip folder to you computer, extract all, open file and go inside windows file, there has a application TyrantOfTime, double click it and wait game to start. When game is start press new game, you get in settings, I recommend to use all Low, this way your computer can run it well. 


TyrantOfTime_WonderTeddy_HostileStatues.zip 774 MB

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